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Rise Above The Competition With Awesomely Created Content

Do you know almost 15,000 websites are created on a daily basis worldwide? Well, by looking at these gruesome figures, it looks quite hard to stand under such a fierce competition. And probably that is the reason why you need a world class copywriting service to place you ahead of your competitors

Content Creative Copywriting Writing Services

We've generated over

15+ Million                     

in client revenue

We've generated over

1 Million Leads       

in client revenue

We've generated over

0.5 Millions Phone Calls

in client revenue

Increase your visibility through Awesome content. Unique, Creative and Engaging

At Basic Mantra, we are committed to provide you with highly affordable, professional and faster copywriting services from the pool of our most experienced copywriters. At Basic Mantra, we have a team of experts with over 3 decades of experience in writing meaningful content for fortune 500 companies that include startups and small businesses.

We are proficient in developing highly compelling and unique content that will be perfect for your online marketing campaigns. Our team of experts work as per the latest marketing collaterals that includes web content, blogs, e-mailers, brochures, white papers and more. We feel pride to have a vast online presence to help you achieve all your digital marketing goals. In order to achieve your set target, you always require fresh and meaningful content to present to your audience.

Content Creative Copywriting Writing Services

Proliferate Business Stories

At Basic Mantra, we have devised numerous ways to proliferate your digital footprint and polish high quality and meaningful content. As you know, we happen to be one of the extensive digital marketing agencies based in India. With us, you have the access to receive highly crisp and plagiarism free content tailored as per your industry.

Win Internet with business visibility

In the era of digital marketing that has become fiercely competitive, it generally takes time to get noticed online. With the help of our witted copywriters, we are able to produce highly crisp and quality content that undoubtedly outperforms the rest. This eventually helps your brand to get the required exposure with high SERP results.

Strategy Driven Content

At Basic Mantra, our copywriters always ensure that your well curated content is better aligned with an established and foolproof content strategy. The strategy is clear with objectives to achieve an awesome user experience, utmost branding-experience along with an improved SEO with better conversion and optimization techniques.

Experienced Writing Services

In the ever changing digital world, we strongly believe (like others) that content is King. While most of the agencies love to quote this, only a handful of them actually respects this. At Basic Mantra, we highly ensure and respect our high class content strategy that is always ready to take a profound look at the different content life-cycle, content ecosystems and everything that lies in between.

Value A Great Partnership

We happen to be result minded content writing / curating service providers who primarily work on a singular objective to serve our clients; and at the same time help them earn hefty profits through our dedicated and sincere efforts.

Personalized Customization

Highly awesome and original piece of content from our finest writers who have years of experience curating content. You always own the rights to the content that we develop for you. You get numerous free revisions and quick turnaround time.


Dedicated Content & Creative Writing For Your Business

We have created different plans for different standards of business, curious about our pricing plan? Check our detailed pricing chart below.

  • Till 1,000 Words Article
  • 2 to 5 years experience writer
  • Well Researched Content
  • Unlimited changes accepted
  • Complete article change is not accepted
  • Same day delivery of article
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket/Phone support
  • Till 1,000 Words Article
  • 5+ Years of experience writer
  • Niche Expert Writer
  • Unlimited changes accepted
  • In-depth subject research content
  • SEO friendly and SEO oriented Content
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket/Phone support
  • 15 Articles in a month
  • Till 1,000 Words per article
  • 5+ Years of experience writer
  • Niche Expert Writer
  • Unlimited changes accepted
  • In-depth subject research content
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket/Phone support

common questions

Frequently Asked Question

Are you interested in Content Creative Writing but have some basic questions in mind. Please read our answers for some regular queries by customers.

We, At Basic mantra strongly believe in transparency, we love to have all your questions solved before taking you on board. Do you have questions for Pricing, services or reporting structure? We always increase to ask us directly, we request you to read our FAQ section and if you still have doubts then connect with sales team here.

Will the content unique and plagiarism free?

Yes, the content will be unique and plagiarism free. We cross-check content’s uniqueness, with the help of tools before publishing it to your website. The duplicity of content can lead to negative consequences, Google will punish you for your duplicate content and can decrease your SEO and content marketing effort.

Will the content be SEO friendly?

Yes, we provide informative and interesting content that is appealing to the target audience. Also, our motive is to create the content that the search engine ranks high so that more traffic could be generated on your website. We want your business to grow, hence provide the content so there is more customer engagement.

Will Basic Mantra content help me to do better in my SEO?

Our over the year of experience in content writing and SEO will help us to create what exactly the search engine is looking for or what exactly your brand needs for search engine. We will write content which is 100% friendly with your brand, engaging with the audience and completely plagiarism free.

Do Basic Mantra make corrections to my article?

No, we will not edit someone else’s articles but yes, if you have any editorial or book then we can help you with proofreading the article.

Can Basic Mantra Help me to write my content requirement?

Yes! We are not only a content creator organization but also we help you to draft a good content writing requirement and approach. We know the process and also understand how companies fall in trap with long term content goals. So we come up with solutions of creating a content requirement and calendar which can serve you long term goals.


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