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Communicate with your customer directly with an email marketing campaign

Take your email marketing campaigns to the next level. Engage your subscribers and add new ones through innovative subject lines & Increase your campaign open rate and click-through rates by providing creative content with our Email Marketing Services.

Email Marketing Services

We've generated over

15+ Million                     

in client revenue

We've generated over

1 Million Leads       

in client revenue

We've generated over

0.5 Millions Phone Calls

in client revenue

Create an email marketing campaign which can convert
potential customers to SALES

Unlike any other social media, marketing email provides you space to elaborately market your product and build a relationship with your client base. That is why Basic Mantra designs dynamic email campaigns for you that increase your reach by choosing the right demographic. With our high-performing campaigns, your brand visibility increases so that it becomes a household name to reckon with. By choosing the specific demographic and making your brand a well-known name, it helps you generate leads rapidly so that they can be successfully converted into sales leading to profit.

With our six-step email marketing process, we help you build an ongoing relationship with your customers where they welcome your emails instead of being annoyed by them. As a leading digital marketing agency, we understand the value of being accepted into the customer's inner circle. We create that trusting platform for you so that we can build upon it to do effective marketing for your business.

Let us help you take your email marketing campaign to a new level by engaging your existing subscriber and creating new ones.

Email Marketing Services


To create an email list – number of subscribers – it is important for you to approach the right people. Email campaigns can only start once you have permission from the potential customer. The first step to get permission is to approach the correct consumer base. Depending on your business we create an industry-specific database to set a target audience who would be interested in your business. It's only when we get visible to the right people does your business has the scope of being subscribed to.


This is an important question that needs to be answered. What is it that you should offer to your target audience in order to convince them that you worth their attention. There are various ways such as offering newsletter, relevant offers, and first crack at your beta. Again, this is industry and demographic specific. With our experience and research we find you the perfect solution for your business that works on your potential customers. We ensure that your customers are interested in your business to subscribe to your emails.


Our next step after the subscription is to ensure that your mails do not get pushed to spam or downright ignored by the recipient. Getting subscription is only the beginning of our job. Basic Mantra excels at creative subject lines to grab attention of your subscriber so that they cannot resist opening your emails. However, our job barely ends there. We will ensure that your subscriber doesn't just open your first emails but all of your subsequent emails with fresh, engaging, and valuable content. At this stage, we ensure that your emails are whitelisted. With offers, content and discounts – relevant to your business – we build a relationship between your business and customers.


When pitching for a subscription most businesses promise various things. However, it is important to deliver on those promises. Only then will they consider you as a credible company where they would like to invest. With plethora of campaigns that flood the internet, we make your brand stand out by setting the correct expectations and managing them by regular newsletter, offer etc. Again depending on the kind of your business we determine a plan for you about how often should your mails go out and how communication should they contain to keep them engaged and count on you.


Once Basic Mantra has created a base for you so customers give you the time and attention, it is important how your product or service is pitched. We device efficacious pitching habits for your business. Many companies can extend offers while for others newsletter or link to blogs may be more potent. Our research helps us a device the plan so that pitch culminates in to a sale. Knowing when to pitch, how to pitch what to offer generates a better conversion rate. Our endeavor is to get you to the best conversion rate which will bring in the profit.


What sets up apart is the Basic Mantra’s in-house mailing software. This provides a cheaper and more personalized option to send bulk mails ensuring you penetrate your target audience thoroughly. Our software is inclusive of unique deliver system and tracking system which is result oriented. 

Depending on the kind of business you provide our software helps us determine the tone and content of the emails that will pique the interest of your target audience so we can engage them in to your product. Moreover, we conduct several tests regarding the format to conclusively decide which format works better so as to give the better result. In addition, our services extend to all mailing softwares. From MailChimp to Constant Contact, we provide expertise over various mailing softwares


Dedicated Email Marketing For Your Business

We have created different plans for different standards of business, curious about our pricing plan? Check our detailed pricing chart below.

  • Up to 1,00,000 emails per month
  • Advanced eMail builder
  • Real time reporting of open, clicks, unique open etc
  • Unlimited campaign, Unlimited Lists
  • Surveys & List A/B testing features
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Up to 2,00,000 emails per month
  • Advanced eMail builder
  • Real time reporting of open, clicks, unique open etc
  • Unlimited campaign, Unlimited Lists
  • 1 Free email funnel from our Library
  • 24X7 eMail & phone support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Up to 5,00,000 emails per month
  • Advanced eMail builder
  • Real time reporting of open, clicks, unique open etc
  • Unlimited campaign, Unlimited Lists
  • 3 Free email funnel & 1 Lead Magnet
  • 24X7 eMail & phone support
  • Dedicated Account Manager

common questions

Frequently Asked Question

Are you interested in Email Marketing but have some basic questions in mind. Please read our answers for some regular queries by customers.

We, At Basic mantra strongly believe in transparency, we love to have all your questions solved before taking you on board. Do you have questions for Pricing, services or reporting structure? We always increase to ask us directly, we request you to read our FAQ section and if you still have doubts then connect with sales team here.

What is the importance of email marketing?

eMail Marketing is the most effective way to reach your targeted customers, It gives you a chance to interact directly with your customers and share your promotions and offers directly and daily with your prospects customers.

Will you send email through Gmail?

NO, We do have our own eMail marketing software and platforms to send email. We do have an analysis and reporting dashboard to share results with our customers.

Do I have to buy any email database for this?

Yes! If you need to send eMail to specific to your industry or to your potential customers then you need to arrange a database to send the eMails.

How can I monitor the results of my eMail Marketing?

We have a dedicated Dashboard and reporting structure, so our customers can check eMail marketing campaigns in real time. We also have a dedicated account manager who will guide you and report to you whenever you require.

Do I need a website for eMail Marketing?

No, Not necessarily, We will run the campaign without a Landing page or website but If you have an Website or Landing page, it gives us a chance to create better marketing and conversation funnels.


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