Strategy & Planning

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The Strategic Planning Solution for Business Growth

For any company to grow and thrive in the market, they have to have sound Strategy And Planning Services. We can Help you get ahead of YOUR Competitors by the Right Digital Marketing Strategy, We will create a methodical planning for your business growth. We feel the pride to be known as an integrated creative & digital marketing agency that creates brand experiences as most engaging, distinctive and own-able.

Strategy And Planning Services

We've generated over

15+ Million                     

in client revenue

We've generated over

1 Million Leads       

in client revenue

We've generated over

0.5 Millions Phone Calls

in client revenue

How Our System Help you to plan your
strategy for business growth.

We Work With You To Generate Stunning results

Acquiring consistent new leads look hard to achieve, but are not at all impossible. Well, if you are serious, we are ready to help you achieve your target. All that you need is a great website with a commendable position in search results. We feel pride working with you in this regard to convert your online business into shape and then make sure it gets found.

If you are looking forward to launching an entirely new digital marketing campaign or trying to promote a new service/product or want to desperately enhance the exposure of your brand, but going reluctant due to some reasons, we are always ready to help you achieve with all that you need. We always look forward to working with you to make your business grow and prosper.

At Basic Mantra, we adopt certain tactics to help you launch a plethora of path-breaking digital marketing campaigns for your ever-flourishing business. While launching the new campaign, we precisely work with you by considering the following most relevant parameters:

We try and discover the objectives of your business and goals, By undergoing deep competitive analysis
Building a great strategy to overcome any issues
We deliver the desired results by understanding your audience in a better way
By exploring all digital marketing channels
We keep monitor the success of your digital marketing campaign
Strategy And Planning Services

Identify the Problem

Even before the Treatment, Diagnosis is important! Before Quickly jump into solution, we prefer to double sure about problem. If we found a clear pathways, it help us many ways to create a good result oriented campaign.

Competitors Analysis

Complete surgery of your competitor business strategy will give you an idea to evaluate your strategy before executing, We will share in-depth research report based on your competitor strategy.

Create an Execution Plan and Flow

Step by step execution of your plan and understanding the outcomes of your execution is an important part of any successful campaign. Before executing the strategy, we will create a proper flow of execution and outcomes.

Drive Sales

Our Team know the mantra to convert your business prospects into sales. Over the years of experience, we crack the method to convert Leads to Sales. We created a lot of tools to track step by step sales process.

Track Business & Revenue Growth

Track your every outcome of the campaign (Visitors, Leads, Sales, etc) and converting them into revenue is the focus objective of any campaign and Basic mantra is the expert on this. Without significant growth on Revenue, No campaign is count as successful.

Next Phase Plan

Entrepreneur always ready for the next round of development and we know the secret to accelerate your business and sustain continuous growth. We present you with many layers of a growth plan to execute it.


Dedicated Strategy Planning For Your Business

We have created different plans for different standards of business, curious about our pricing plan? Check our detailed pricing chart below.

  • Research around your business competitors
  • Find a problem at your business operation
  • Develop a plan to overcome the operational issue
  • Create a execution and reporting plan
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket support
  • Weekly Phone Call for growth Discussion
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Everything Included of the Basic Plan
  • Create a long term and short term marketing plan
  • Budget and Resources allocation
  • Execute your marketing plan
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket support
  • Two time in a Week Phone Call for growth Discussion
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Everything Included of the Basic & Pro Plan
  • Execute your marketing plan
  • Drive sales and Revenue
  • Next Phase of plan ready for growth
  • 24X7 eMail/Ticket support
  • Per day Phone Call for growth Discussion
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Have some questions in Mind?

Frequently Asked Question

Are you interested in Strategy Planning but have some basic questions in mind. Please read our answers for some regular queries by customers.

We, At Basic mantra strongly believe in transparency, we love to have all your questions solved before taking you on board. Do you have questions for Pricing, services or reporting structure? We always increase to ask us directly, we request you to read our FAQ section and if you still have doubts then connect with sales team here.

How can a basic mantra help me in Strategic Planning my business?

We will analyse your business from all possible aspects like marketing, sales, deals, revenue, team strength and other details then we will create a detailed plan of action and strategy to follow. We will also create a monitor and reporting plan for the strategy plan.

How it will help my business to Grow?

Our Strategy plan is very clear step by step plan to execute. Our Over a decade experience in business planning and execution will help you to create clear pathways of success. This Plan helps you to increase Traffic, Leads, Sales, Revenue and direct or indirect benefit to your business.

Will it be specific to my business domain?

Yes! It is purely specific to your business domain and more important is 100% specific to your business. We are not one shoe fit for all companies, We know every business has different demands on different phases of time and come up with purely customize solutions.

Does Basic Mantra Help Me to execute the strategic plan?

Yes! Basic mantra offers a wide range of Technology and Digital services. If your strategy plan requires any of Basic mantra services, we love to help you and partner with you in your success journey.


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