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Gaurav Mishra CEO Basic Mantra

Founder & CEO

Gaurav Mishra

Gaurav is the Founder and CEO at Basic Mantra – a digital marketing Technology startup. He is an ITpreneur and Web development expert with over 10 yrs. experience. He predicted the huge potential of Social media and the Digital Marketing boom way back in 2007 and trained himself in all aspects of web design and IT systems integration.
His dual specialization in web design and social media + digital marketing makes him a much sought after consultant with companies of all types: from MSMEs to large corporations where he also mastered all aspects of running a business. He consults organizations from almost all verticals thereby giving him a 360-degree vision of managing SAAS, web and mobile application teams.

He loves to operate in the hard-driving, high-energy and deadline-driven environments of the digital marketing industry. His ability to grasp the latest technologies and complexities of an ever-changing tech environment has enabled him to provide cutting edge and at the same time cost effective solutions to his clients. Working within budget, he loves to offer customized solutions and work together with the clients on projects to solve complex

Gaurav has a sharp eye for figuring out the business essence in any concept. This entrepreneurial instinct and passion for technology and web design coupled with his extensive experience and networks encouraged him to start his own company Basic Mantra in 2015 .

As a founder, Gaurav has attracted the best talent in his team who are ready along with him to put their full energy, enthusiasm and tenacity towards work. He has proved to be a brilliant leader filled with practical knowledge; one who gives independence of thinking and execution to his juniors, and if needed facilitate their thoughts and actions. Gaurav has an incredible knack for communicating his thoughts and making others understand through the use of practical, real world examples and applications.

Gaurav believes that an execution of great Design + Technology is the key to performance. He is constantly raising the bar for service excellence and standards for his clients and his constant results speaks highly for him and his company Basic Mantra. Gaurav has shown great interest in serving society and is actively involved in community service, specifically children’s issues, through his NGO-Pahal-Ek Parivartan

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